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About Me

I've been working in the film and advertising industries for almost 20 years, firstly in production, then as a directors' rep and an executive producer, before I began writing treatments full time 10 years ago. I have worked on hundreds of tv ad scripts and have collaborated with many high profile film directors, as well as with younger directors breaking into the industry. 


For me, development is a key part of writing treatments. As well as communicating the director's vision, I work hard to improve concepts and narratives, create original scenes and characters, and write dialogue where needed. I write across all genres but I particularly love narrative and comedy based scripts.


I co-wrote the highly successful Apple at Work Underdogs series that began in 2019. The four short films have amassed over 150 millions views and been awarded at every advertising festival, winning numerous awards for writing and the coveted Cannes Lions Grand Prix award. 

Alongside writing treatments I also write pitches and offer script analysis and script editing services for both film and TV. 


Call me on 07752 737955 or email me

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